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Melanie Newman Salon Essentials

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Formulated to exacting specifications for all Puppy’s coat types, utilising natural plant-derived ingredients The Puppy Collection is the ultimate luxurious, gentle clean. Formulated to gently nourish the soft skin and coat using luxurious organic essential oils of Rose, Chamomile & Calendula coupled with licorice root and coconut oils The Puppy Collection will enrich the coat and assist with removing dandruff that is common for puppies skin. Melanie Newman Salon Essentials Puppy collection is formulated for all breeds. Puppy collection will leave your pet looking and feeling anew.

• Gentle Cleansing
• Helps removes dandruff from the coat & skin
• Nourishes puppies skin & coat
• Eliminates odour

Value Pack Contents
Duo Pack 500mL Contains:

500ml Shampoo
500ml Conditioner
Works Pack 500mL Contains:

500mL Shampoo
500mL Conditioner
250mL Cologne
250ml Coat Conditioning Spray
Duo Pack 1L Contains:

1L Shampoo
1L Conditioner
Works Pack 1L Contains:

1L Shampoo
1L Conditioner
1L Cologne
250ml Coat Conditioning Spray